Thursday, August 30, 2007

ATC for ME - JC

I just this moment got an ATC from JC! D'oh! I still have to send her one! This is "Amalfi Lemon-White Chocolate" from her "I Love Chocolate" series. Sweet in so many ways, eh? She also sent me a digital print ATC (2 of 12) of her Illustration Friday picture, "Chocolate Emergency". Thanks, JC!

ATC for ME - Tami

Fairy master Tami of 101 Fairy Lane has sent me my very own Lemondrop! The card is fabric sewn on card-stock with a pretty hand-drawn Lemondrop the fairy! The fabric is soft and cuddly. :) It's all I could do to keep it from my 7 year old daughter! But I'll let her visit Lemondrop any time.

Thanks, Tami!
The card I made for her.

ATC for ME - Woody Miller

Woody has just knocked my socks off!!! Not only has he sent me one of the coolest ATC ever ("Scary guy from Dr. Zhivago"), he threw in a groovy "mini-comic" (an awesome fold-out silkscreen) and some super promotional cards with recipes! Yes, Woody, I do cook. Woody has some serious talent. Be sure to check out his site and his blog (where you can see a picture of him with Darth "I am your father, Woody" Vader).

ATC for ME - Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie, usually known as Daisy B., sent me this fabulous pen and watercolor caricature! My good friend, Anne-Marie, is a wonderful person and artist! Not the standard ATC size, not that it makes any difference to me, it being so wonderful! This one is double the size of an ATC (which are 2.5 by 3.5 inches). But this being Anne-Marie's first ATC, the larger size just makes it all the more valuable. At least for me it does! Thank you, Anne-Marie! Mmmmm-MWAH! ;)

The card I made for her.

ATC for ME - Bearuh

Here are three wonderful ATC that Bearuh sent me! The "Rosie The Riveter Rabbit" is the one I wanted and the "Day of the Dead" and "TV Insanity" ones are a "thank you" for sending on cards she made to Maryam and Zari. I love them all! Thanks, Bearuh!

Postcard for ME - Jeff Brame

Here's the awesome postcard Jeff Brame made for me! Cute lil' zombie boy! Look at him hug his stuffed wolf! Awwww!

Jeff Brame rocks! Check him out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ATC - Goldfish Friend

I did this ATC for my dear friend, Maryam. Maryam is from Iran. I was inspired to do this by a sweet movie from Iran called "The White Balloon". Here, the little girl wanted a "fat fish" for the New Year celebration. There is a tradition in Iran that on New Year's day (the Spring Equinox in Iran), everyone sits around a goldfish bowl and the moment the fish holds still, the New Year has begun! Sounds a lot more fun than waiting for a ball to drop on New York. :)

ATC - Mermaid Love

A mermaid in love for Bearuh! I guess she doesn't know what sexy legs should look like, not having legs herself. The mermaid, that is. I'm pretty sure Bearuh has legs.

Bearuh runs the Monday Artday community blog.

Postcard - Happy Watermelon Time!

This is a postcard I made for Jeff Brame (see the ATC I made Jeff below). I like those old timey ads with happy, shiny kids and thought it would make a good postcard. I'm not sure if they love the watermelon or each other.

ATC - Headless Pig-Girl

This one I made for Jeff Brame. Jeff makes funny drawings of a cute but darker nature so I wanted to make him something special. This is a twist on Sleepy Hallow's Headless Horseman... except it's a girl... on a pig.

ATC - Flower Fairy

A fairy for a fairy master, Tami of 101 Fairy Lane and Lemondrop fame! She's sending me a super-awesome Lemondrop that I will post here. Go see her lovely fairies now!

ATC - Farmer Rabbit

This one is for Zime. She does super fun art on her blog! She liked my Japanese farmer bunny and I was happy to give it to her! This one is a little different but I'm quite fond of it.

ATC - Kiss That Frog!

This one is for Ms. Froggie! That princess doesn't look too interested in kissing a frog. Ms. Froggie, AKA Colleen, does some really fun art and she's really funny! She gives me a hard time but I think she only does it because she knows I like it. :)

ATC - Groovy Day!

Sunny, happy, joy! This is for my good friend Zari. Zari does really fun art, usually featuring her little inky character, "Zappy". She lives in Lebanon but would rather be in Venezuela. I hope I get to meet her one day.

ATC - The Red Balloon

Ooooh, I love the joy in this one! Although that balloon doesn't look so happy. I did this for Anne-Marie, also known as Daisy B. I love Anne-Marie! She is an awesome artist, person, and friend! The sweet happiness in this image reminds me of her.

ATC - Monster Love

For Emila Yusof! I didn't actually get the go-ahead for an exchange but she expressed an interest and I had her address so she'll have this in a few days. Will she send me one? I hope so, but I still want her to have this. :)

ATC - Buzz!

This one I made for Monica. I was inspired by Mary Blair but I used my own style. I love this card but I think I might use a thinner line from now on. Be sure to visit Monica and check out her great art!

Artist Trading Cards

My second art exchange was with the talented Brian Gubicza (goo-beet-sa). Brian is a freelance illustrator in Massachusetts who does some really awesome retro-modern stuff. Be sure to check out his blog, his portfolio, and a really brilliant tutorial.

Brian made that awesome Alice collage! Mine is... well, it's a cute little girl with a gun, of course.

These are ATCs, Artist Trading Cards. Brian collects them (and now I do too). They are baseball card sized - 2.5 by 3.5 inches. On the other side is a signature, web address, email, whatever. I posted this on Monday Artday and the gang went crazy for them. The site owner there, Bearuh, fell in love with the idea and made it an assignment to do them. Fortunately, I already a bunch of orders in! :)

The First Exchange

It all begins with my illustrator friend, Emila Yusof. I've always wanted to do an art exchange and thought it'd be fun to do postcards - I loved Emila's work and asked her. She said yes! I got her card and decided I liked this and would do more. My card is "the mermaid and the pirate" and her card (so cute!) is Emila in Malaysia!