Thursday, February 12, 2009

atc gifts

Some friends gave me gifts! I got a fun self-portrait from my friend Michelle Lana and a funny little Yoda from my friend Nicole Falk! Yay!

I also got an atc of a blob fish, really cool comic book, and an awesome little book of sketches from Steve Loya! Check out his work.

Thanks, you guys! You really made my month!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Snakes and Tentacles

Medusa and an octopus.


Hellboy... with a fairy.

Alice in Wonderland

Here's 3 cards I did for an Alice trade.


I traded Powergirl ATCs with a few friends... here's the one I did. I like her lots. I hope her new owner takes good care of her. :)
(Yes, it really is 2.5 by 3.5 inches!)


Click to see it closer. 3 cards I did for a "sideshow" theme, color pencil. I particularly like "invisible cat"... In fact, just for visiting me here, I've sent you an invisible cat! It's right outside your door. Take good care of it!

ATC Bonanza!!!

Here is just a small sample of the many artist trading cards I have collected in the last 6 months. Oh, yes... there's more! I'm kicking myself I've fell so far behind in posting these. I'll be giving some of these special attention in future posts. I love them all but some of these are just too good for me to deserve (not that I'd give them up, mind you).

The Bride

I started collecting "The Bride" ATCs from Kill Bill. Here are cards from Brian, Jeff, and Jen.

Brian Gubicza

My friend, Brian Gubicza (goobeetsa) sent me these incredible Alice in Wonderland puppets! I also got his book of dreams, a collection of the dreams he's illustrated on his blog. Both are available on his Etsy and I highly recommend you get them!

Friday, November 2, 2007

ATC for ME - Jannie Ho

My new buddy, Jannie Ho, sent me this awesome owl, Ollie! He's a high-quality print with fabric wings. Plus, there's a cute lil' chicken drawn on the back! You might know Jannie as Chickengirl... I know her as "totally awesome illustrator supreme ruler of fun!"

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ATC for ME - Duck Theme!

These are the cards I got in the Duck theme exchange that I hosted. If I could, I would have kept a dozen of the beautiful cards I got! This first one is from Valerie Walsh. I so love Val's house art! I feel like I'm getting away like a bandit with her wonderful work. This scan doesn't really do the piece justice. It's really lovely!

This next one is from my friend Zari who presently lives in Lebanon. "Duck's Hot Bubble Bath"... so cute and funny! My daughter's favorite of all the cards (except mine, but I think she's biased). Zari did another card with her Zappy character, front view and back view, that was also super cool! I forget who got it.

Last but not least is this lovely card from Mariana Musa! "Duck Kiss". The scan, unfortunately, misses the more subtle colors at work here. It really is quite stunning. Thanks, Mariana!

ATC for ME - Roberta

Oops! I missed this one! Roberta sent me this pretty little queen bee over a month ago! I sent her a bumble bee shortly after but forgot to post this. Sweet, huh? Thanks, Roberta!

ATC for ME - Nele

Nele sent me this adorable little rabbit all the way from Belgium! Nele's art is fun and funny and full of life. Thanks, Nele! I owe you a card!

ATC for ME - Tracy

My friend Tracy sent me a spelling bee! Ha! She's spelling out my name. Tracy is a sweet lady, school teacher and artist. Her stuff is very cute. :)

ATC for ME - Zime

Look at this adorable fairy princess bird that Zime sent me! Zime is a master at cute little birds. This is on brown cardboard, made with love. :)

ATC for ME - Zari

Zari sent me the cool ATC made from a Starbucks coffee sleeve. I'm supposed to cut it out myself but of course I won't - charming as all get-go, eh? This her "bukibukina" that goes along with her "bukibuki" that she sent to Jeff. Cute, ain't she? :)

Kitty Cafe

Just for fun, Bearuh sent me a drawing of a Kitty Cafe! I'll have a saucer of milk with a side of dead rat please. :)

Captain Caveman

Jeff Brame is hosting a Saturday Morning Cartoons art exchange. This is the Captain Caveman theme. I was lucky enough to get Jeff's ATCs! He did the first one on wood and threw in one he made on a Starbucks cup sleeve (after my dear friend Zari's cup sleeve art).

Monday, October 29, 2007

ATC - Duck Theme

I hosted a "duck" theme on Monday Artday ATC. I was going to do some silly ones but got hung up on incredibly cute. These are all done in gouache on 2.5 x 3.5 inch posterboard.

ATC for ME - Crystal Driedger

The absolutely fabulous Crystal Driedger sent me this wonderful card (ink and watercolor) in exchange for the bunny card. Crystal is an amazing artist - I am so in love with her art. Her style seems so effortless and graceful and her subjects are so lithe and creative. I so love her ladies as well.

ATC for ME - Woody

Woody Miller sent me two cards!!! Awesome! I got a sweet lil' skelecat and the companion to the card he sent me before. Woody is awesome - be sure to check out his incredible work!

ATC for ME - Brian Gubicza

Brian Gubicza sent me TWO cards in exchange for one I sent him! I owe that guy. He gave me tough choice and I was torn between these two cards but settled on the anime girl sailor scout. But here he's sent me both! It never ceases to amaze me just how nice these artists are. I love these cards! Brian rocks!

Postcard for ME - Gina Eugina

An awesome postcard from a great artist and person, Gina Euginia! This is in exchange for the panda I sent her. It's me! I'm a pirate! And I have a pig for a first mate. Looks like I'm taking a tour of Indonesia, starting from Java. Meet me in Bali, okay?