Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ATC for ME - Duck Theme!

These are the cards I got in the Duck theme exchange that I hosted. If I could, I would have kept a dozen of the beautiful cards I got! This first one is from Valerie Walsh. I so love Val's house art! I feel like I'm getting away like a bandit with her wonderful work. This scan doesn't really do the piece justice. It's really lovely!

This next one is from my friend Zari who presently lives in Lebanon. "Duck's Hot Bubble Bath"... so cute and funny! My daughter's favorite of all the cards (except mine, but I think she's biased). Zari did another card with her Zappy character, front view and back view, that was also super cool! I forget who got it.

Last but not least is this lovely card from Mariana Musa! "Duck Kiss". The scan, unfortunately, misses the more subtle colors at work here. It really is quite stunning. Thanks, Mariana!


mrana said...

Thank you Mike, I'm glad you liked my duck! I can't wait to get my ATCs ... that's the problem with living on the other side of the world, it takes ages to get here :(

imwithsully said...

Another great blog for Mike! There's a rumor that you started a Moleskine collaboration blog... did you?