Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Snakes and Tentacles

Medusa and an octopus.


Hellboy... with a fairy.

Alice in Wonderland

Here's 3 cards I did for an Alice trade.


I traded Powergirl ATCs with a few friends... here's the one I did. I like her lots. I hope her new owner takes good care of her. :)
(Yes, it really is 2.5 by 3.5 inches!)


Click to see it closer. 3 cards I did for a "sideshow" theme, color pencil. I particularly like "invisible cat"... In fact, just for visiting me here, I've sent you an invisible cat! It's right outside your door. Take good care of it!

ATC Bonanza!!!

Here is just a small sample of the many artist trading cards I have collected in the last 6 months. Oh, yes... there's more! I'm kicking myself I've fell so far behind in posting these. I'll be giving some of these special attention in future posts. I love them all but some of these are just too good for me to deserve (not that I'd give them up, mind you).

The Bride

I started collecting "The Bride" ATCs from Kill Bill. Here are cards from Brian, Jeff, and Jen.

Brian Gubicza

My friend, Brian Gubicza (goobeetsa) sent me these incredible Alice in Wonderland puppets! I also got his book of dreams, a collection of the dreams he's illustrated on his blog. Both are available on his Etsy and I highly recommend you get them!