Friday, November 2, 2007

ATC for ME - Jannie Ho

My new buddy, Jannie Ho, sent me this awesome owl, Ollie! He's a high-quality print with fabric wings. Plus, there's a cute lil' chicken drawn on the back! You might know Jannie as Chickengirl... I know her as "totally awesome illustrator supreme ruler of fun!"

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ATC for ME - Duck Theme!

These are the cards I got in the Duck theme exchange that I hosted. If I could, I would have kept a dozen of the beautiful cards I got! This first one is from Valerie Walsh. I so love Val's house art! I feel like I'm getting away like a bandit with her wonderful work. This scan doesn't really do the piece justice. It's really lovely!

This next one is from my friend Zari who presently lives in Lebanon. "Duck's Hot Bubble Bath"... so cute and funny! My daughter's favorite of all the cards (except mine, but I think she's biased). Zari did another card with her Zappy character, front view and back view, that was also super cool! I forget who got it.

Last but not least is this lovely card from Mariana Musa! "Duck Kiss". The scan, unfortunately, misses the more subtle colors at work here. It really is quite stunning. Thanks, Mariana!

ATC for ME - Roberta

Oops! I missed this one! Roberta sent me this pretty little queen bee over a month ago! I sent her a bumble bee shortly after but forgot to post this. Sweet, huh? Thanks, Roberta!

ATC for ME - Nele

Nele sent me this adorable little rabbit all the way from Belgium! Nele's art is fun and funny and full of life. Thanks, Nele! I owe you a card!

ATC for ME - Tracy

My friend Tracy sent me a spelling bee! Ha! She's spelling out my name. Tracy is a sweet lady, school teacher and artist. Her stuff is very cute. :)

ATC for ME - Zime

Look at this adorable fairy princess bird that Zime sent me! Zime is a master at cute little birds. This is on brown cardboard, made with love. :)

ATC for ME - Zari

Zari sent me the cool ATC made from a Starbucks coffee sleeve. I'm supposed to cut it out myself but of course I won't - charming as all get-go, eh? This her "bukibukina" that goes along with her "bukibuki" that she sent to Jeff. Cute, ain't she? :)

Kitty Cafe

Just for fun, Bearuh sent me a drawing of a Kitty Cafe! I'll have a saucer of milk with a side of dead rat please. :)

Captain Caveman

Jeff Brame is hosting a Saturday Morning Cartoons art exchange. This is the Captain Caveman theme. I was lucky enough to get Jeff's ATCs! He did the first one on wood and threw in one he made on a Starbucks cup sleeve (after my dear friend Zari's cup sleeve art).

Monday, October 29, 2007

ATC - Duck Theme

I hosted a "duck" theme on Monday Artday ATC. I was going to do some silly ones but got hung up on incredibly cute. These are all done in gouache on 2.5 x 3.5 inch posterboard.

ATC for ME - Crystal Driedger

The absolutely fabulous Crystal Driedger sent me this wonderful card (ink and watercolor) in exchange for the bunny card. Crystal is an amazing artist - I am so in love with her art. Her style seems so effortless and graceful and her subjects are so lithe and creative. I so love her ladies as well.

ATC for ME - Woody

Woody Miller sent me two cards!!! Awesome! I got a sweet lil' skelecat and the companion to the card he sent me before. Woody is awesome - be sure to check out his incredible work!

ATC for ME - Brian Gubicza

Brian Gubicza sent me TWO cards in exchange for one I sent him! I owe that guy. He gave me tough choice and I was torn between these two cards but settled on the anime girl sailor scout. But here he's sent me both! It never ceases to amaze me just how nice these artists are. I love these cards! Brian rocks!

Postcard for ME - Gina Eugina

An awesome postcard from a great artist and person, Gina Euginia! This is in exchange for the panda I sent her. It's me! I'm a pirate! And I have a pig for a first mate. Looks like I'm taking a tour of Indonesia, starting from Java. Meet me in Bali, okay?

Monday, October 1, 2007

ATC for ME - Emila's Fairy

Emila sent me this beautiful fairy. Her fairies are such pretty little ladies.

ATC for ME - Emila's Monster

Emila has sent me a lovely little monster, the counter-part to the monster I sent her. Oh, she's so cute! :)

ATC for ME - Mim

A very pretty ATC from Mim Stella!

Friday, September 28, 2007

ATC for ME - Coffee Theme

Over at Monday Artday ATC we have themes going on. I'm hosting a "ducks" theme right now (look for my duck cards soon) but we just did a coffee theme, hosted by JC. I sent three cards (which you can see here and here) and I just got back three cards... three AWESOME cards! Included was a fourth card, a limited-edition print-out by JC! JC did an awesome job and I will model my hosting after hers. :)

I got this beautiful card from my long-time art-trading friend, Emila! Oh, I really wanted it too! Her card was inspired by own in which I am enjoying my coffee but I'm not nearly as cute as Emila! Look at that background! And her serene face. Oh, Emila, I love you! :)

I also got this amazing card from Jeff, another old trading buddy. Jeff is insanely creative and has mad drawing skills! He's also been making ATCs like crazy so if you want to trade with him, get over to MADATC and give him a holla'.

Last, but far from least, is the incredible ValGal, Valerie Walsh! Val is a real pro, a fine artist famous for her paintings of houses. Be sure to check out her great work!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ATC - Mr. Pink, The Manic Eraser

Erase! Erase!!! I must find something to erase!

Gouache, thing with face.

ATC - Suzy Sushi

Suzy Sushi says, "fish is full of omega-3 acids and protein and rice will give you energy! Eat me!"

Oh, yes, Suzy... I am going to eat you!

More gouache and things with faces.

ATC - Jolly Acorn

Howdy, kids! It's Jolly Acorn time! YAY!

Okay, now I'm trying more gouache. And things... with faces.

Friday, September 14, 2007

ATC - Blue Daisy Fairy

Fairies are all the rage! I thought you knew that.

Well this one seems to enjoy her job. What's her job, you ask? Well, aren't you nosey?

ATC - Gerber Daisy Fairy

This pretty little fairy doesn't like to get pollen on her skirt. Well, la-dee-DAH!

ATC - Bunny

Hello, bunny! What's that on your paw? A hideous disease resulting from man's abuse of the environment? Um... oh, a ladybug. Sweet!

ATC - Fox

Not sure what this fox is playing but I'd bet it's bluegrass, probably a song about grabbing a goose from farmer John's pen and providing a wonderful supper for his family. That's my thinking, anyway. :)

ATC - Cat

Mrrrt? You want to rub his tummy, don't you? C'mon, admit it!

ATC for ME - Jeff Brame

My buddy, Jeff Brame, has sent me this very cool ATC. Look at it pop outta frame! Looks like Super Honey Bear doesn't have cereal every morning after all. :) Awesome! Thanks, Jeff!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ATC for ME - Maryam

Two fantastic cards from my dear friend, Maryam! "Ida and the Cookie Jar" and "Dippo". I love you, Maryam! :) See the card I made for her!

ATC for ME - Pati

A wonderful print of Pati's happy thumb guy, Godo! She wrote such a lovely note on the back and she included a little Canadian maple leaf, too. Pati does some really fun stuff with Godo and some amazing designs for backgrounds. Go check out her portfolio!

Monday, September 10, 2007

ATC for ME - Zari

Another two cards! This time from my dear friend Zari! These awesome gems came from Lebanon so it took a while. I sent her a groovy day. Zari has a little character named "Zappy" who is here with a little toy cow. And that bunny seems to be having a stressful time with that giant carrot! :)

ATC for ME - Zime

Here's two ATCs from wonderful Zime! I sent her the rabbit farmer and she was generous enough to send me two cards. The backs have some sweet decorations and tiny drawings as well. I love them!

ATC - Happy Coffee

A third card for the Monday Artday ATC coffee theme. This is my first gouache painting. I've been painting in watercolor for years so I'm used to transparent paint - this opaque paint will take time getting used to but I like it and I like this little happy guy. :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

ATC - Orange Fairy

Another fairy. I like fairies. I could draw them all day. :)

This is for... well, I don't know yet.

ATC - Pink Piggy

Thought I'd try one with only pencil lines. It's cute, no? Who's it for? Hmmm...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Postcard - Zebra Dancer

Dance, little zebra dancer, dance! A 4 by 6 inch postcard for my friend Zari! She got my ATC in only 8 days (I'm in California, she's in Lebanon) so let's see how long a postcard takes.

I hope you enjoy this picture, Zari!

ATC for ME - Monica

Shhhh! Kitty's sleeping! Monica sent me this lovely watercolor called "Nap". I couldn't be more delighted! It's the cutest little tuxedo kitty ever! :)

Monica said she loved the bees! Yay!

ATC for ME - Ms. Froggie

Oh, the lovely Ms. Froggie sent me two beautiful ATCs! "Zoo Friend" and "Crab Juice"! Ha! How perfect are these? Thanks, Colleen! I hope you enjoyed your Frog Prince! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ATC - Monkey Girl

Here's a cute little monkey girl! Eee-eee! This one is going to my friend Laurel at Studio Lolo. :)